Welcome to the JTA

The JTA is a voluntary organisation of Belly Dance Teachers. Please feel free to explore our website to find out more about the JTA, to join, or to find a Belly Dance teacher in your area.


The JTA exists to bring together Belly Dance teachers to share ideas, develop, support and inspire each other. 

Our members are brought together by the will to be the best teachers they possibly can be and to share the wonderful world of Belly Dance with anyone who would like to learn this amazing artform.

Together we hope to help raise the profile of Belly Dance, promoting a better understanding of the vast array of styles that the term encompasses and the skill and creativity involved in the dance.     


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Welcome to our brand new website!

We hope you enjoy exploring and using all our new and improved tools! A big thank you to Tom at Northern Coder for all of his hard work.

Teacher Networking Events across the UK

Open to all bellydance teachers, whatever their background (JTA members and non-members alike). Find out more here.