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All of the teachers listed here are JTA Members. This means they’ve made a commitment to be the best teachers they can be. Find out more about why you might want to learn with a JTA teacher here.

Ais Reynolds Affiliate
Alanya Graduate
Amanda Affiliate
Amira Affiliate
Ann McLaughlin Graduate
Barbara Matthews Affiliate
Basimah Graduate
Bridget Jakubowska Affiliate
Catherine Bartholomew Graduate
Catriona MacDonald Affiliate
Claire Barnfather Graduate
Clare Eden Affiliate
Clare Stobbs Affiliate
Dany Dalley Affiliate
Dee Affiliate
Deirdre Clitheroe Graduate
Deloretta Affiliate
Desna Mackenzie Graduate
Elisa Gameela Graduate
Elizabeth Aitken Affiliate
Evie Kalila Affiliate
Galit Mersand Graduate
Gillian Hutton Affiliate
Gina McCue Affiliate
Gwen Booth Graduate
Ishtar Dance Graduate
Jacqueline Whiteley Affiliate
Jane Delmer Affiliate
Jen Belly Dance Affiliate
Josephine Wise Graduate
Kash Salem Affiliate
Kay Taylor Graduate
Kerry Barber Affiliate
Larissa Graduate
Louise Affiliate
Louise Dobson Graduate
Louise Ellison Affiliate
Loveday Graduate
Mary Kelly Affiliate
Melanie Collier Affiliate
Melanie Long Affiliate
Nadia Hoodbhoy Affiliate
Pam Jones Affiliate
Pascalle Edwards Affiliate
Rose Barter Affiliate
Rosie Affiliate
Samantha Smyth Affiliate
Sandra Bootes Affiliate
Sandra Thompson Graduate
Sarah Garrish Affiliate
Sarah Kelleher Affiliate
Susan Reid Graduate
Szidonia Piros Affiliate
Vanessa Clipsham Graduate
Vittoria Correale Affiliate